Saturday 22 March 1884Yorkshire Post


Early yesterday morning Jowler Mill, near Halifax, was destroyed by fire. The premises, which consisted of three storeys and attic, were owned by Jonathan Bracken A Sons, and occupied by Mr Joseph Baldwin, worsted spinner. The fire was discovered about two o’clock by a person living in adjoining cottage, jtir Baldwin was apprised of the fact, and at once messengers for the fire engines at Sowerby Bridge and Halifax, but assistance arrived before the mill was burnt to the ground. Mr Baldwin’s damage is estimated £4500, and the owners’ £2500. Both firms covered insurance.


Thursday 14 November 1901Yorkshire Post


A meeting the creditors of John Bradley Robinson. silk dresser, of Jowler Mill*. Warley, Halifax, was held Official Receiver’s Rooms, Halifax, yesterday. The Matemcm affair* showed liabilities £792 16s. 7d.. and asseta £lB4 12s. In <b« causes of failure alleged by the debtor, etates that Messrs. Jobu lladwen and Sons, silk spinners; Triangle, undertook to supply <o him per week a certain quantity cf silk dressing, but their actual supply fed short of that promise tho extent of 2001b. per week, and also state* that, hia couneotion with Messrs. Hathven practically precluded him from obtaining work from other silk spinner*. ‘Pite Official Receiver, in bia observations, elates that debtor was formerly partner the firm of James llobiuson end Sons, Hniifax, eilk spinners, who filed their petition in the Halifax Court the January. 1897 Debtor obtained lm discharge 1887, and commenced the presout business July 1. 1888, with a capital £29 provided by hia wife and £350 borrowed from various parties. The debtor has not kept a book, but only wage and commission account book. The Official Receiver adds:—“He appears to have prepared a balance-sheet in July, 1900, which abowed a deficiency of £53 11s. fid.” The estate was left in the bands the Official Receiver.